Protecting Home Park: GTPD Ride-Along

Georgia Tech Police Sgt. Charles Gaston knows firsthand what it’s like to walk into Home Park at 2 a.m. after studying at the library.

Gaston, a 2005 Georgia Tech chemical engineering graduate, lived in Home Park during his time as a student and takes personal responsibility for students' safety as they move about the community just as he did.

A member of GTPD since 2009, Gaston provided Institute Communications with a ride-along look at the joint special detail GTPD and the Atlanta Police Department (APD) are currently operating in Home Park.

Whether it’s safety rides, crime suppression, investigation or community outreach, GTPD and APD are highly visible in the community and want students, faculty and staff to stay safe.

As you watch the video from the ride-along, keep in mind the following safety tips:

  • Walk in well-lit areas. To report inoperative exterior campus lighting, visit
  • Walk with a friend or in a group.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, even when you are walking in a group.
  • Immediately report suspicious activity to the Georgia Tech Police by calling 404-894-2500. Program GTPD's number into your cell phone.
  • For on-campus transportation from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., call the Stingerette at 404-385-RIDE.
  • Safety escorts are available through the Georgia Tech Police Department by calling 404-894-2500 or 4-GTPD.
  • Download the LiveSafe safety app for quick access to the Georgia Tech Police Department and other safety resources. 

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